T White Photography



New Prices!!!

Hello Everyone 

I have some New Package prices

Pkg A

1 8x10   2 5x7     4 4x6 or 4x5   16  wallets                    40.00

Pkg B

2  8x10   2 5x7    4 4x5 or 4x6   24  wallets                     50.00  

Pkg c

1  11x14    2  8x10   4  4x5 or 4x6   2 5x7 48 wallets         80.00

Pkg. D

1  11x14   3  8x10   4 5x7  4 4x6 or 4x5   48   wallets       95.00

These packages cannot be changed in any way.   If you want a different size the it will be sold as add on price .  See prices below.   Thank you .

8x10 on 3/4 inch board are  40.00

8x10 on art board               25.00 

11x14 on 3/4 inch board      60.00

11x14  art board                40.00 

16x20  3/4inch board         85.00

16x 20  art board              55.00 

 Engagement photos 

Sitting fee  30.00    You will get all photos on dvd  for  100.00   with copyright release  plus a 8x10


Family Photos

Sitting Fee  30.00 extended family 40.00      One family session, will release all photos for 100.00 and  you get a free 8x10    ( eXtended families ) 150.00 11x14  plus release  Full copyright. 


Wallets 8 @ 6.00

3x5x5          3.00

4 x6            3.00 

5x7             7.00

8x10           10.00

10x13          17.00

12 x 12 storybook 25.00 

on art board  40.00

11x14          20.00

16x20          45.00 This is a great size for a family photo..

16x 20          60.00  on Artboard 

20x30          65.00 

20x30           On artboard

24x36          80.00

10x13 Collage  4 photos  25.00

11x14  Collage 4 photos   30.00

Lots of options for printed on canvas or foam board and lots of other item to purchase.

300 photos or less on dvd with music  50.00




Wedding packages

750.00  with a 50.00  photo credit This credit will not come off the PKG prices. All photos on dvd with copyright release

I will be at your wedding from start to after you cut the cake ... 

I look forward to taking with you about   the big day ..


Senior package

2 hour photo shoot, 1 locations and 3 to 5 changes of clothes. 

Call me and we can set up a plan that will work out the best for you.

I am willing to go where ever you would like...

Sitting fee  50.00

somewhere around 100 photos to choose from I will release all photos to you with full copyright rights for 150.00 with purchase one of my pkg deals. starting at 40.00. 

Or you can buy pkg deals ranging from 40.00 to 95.00 dollars.


Maternity or Child shoot  

Sitting fee   30.00 All the photos on dvd for 100.00  and you get a free 8x10

Mini session will be offered